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Your business is like a spaceship - it's waiting for the right equipment and your specific actions. Find out what hotel trends will be present in 2020 and how to achieve your business goals!

#1 Trend

Social media

Currently, we spend daily an average of 2h 23 min* on social media! Everything indicates that this trend, which has been growing steadily since 2012, will persist.

Interesting and engaging content on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is therefore the basis for establishing and maintaining relationships with guests in 2020.

Marika Kachelska
E-marketing Team Leader
Profitroom tips
Social media Investigate what your competitors’ actions are and prepare your own strategy based on that
Social media Stick to a predefined publication schedule
Social media Don't leave user reactions to your content unanswered
#2 Trend


Yandex search engine controls over 50% of the Russian market. As many as 20.4 million unique users visit it monthly. If a significant number of your guests are from Russia or you are thinking about entering that market, campaigns in both Yandex search and ad network should be an important part of your 2020 strategy.

Paweł Cichocki
Head of Marketing Services
Profitroom tips
Yandex Check where your guests come from
Yandex Translate all the content on your site and in the booking engine to Russian
Yandex Include Yandex search and banner campaigns in your strategy
#3 Trend


Do you know that in 2020 as much as 60% of the population will be constituted of the Z and Y* generations? They focus primarily on the quality of life, while collecting experiences is more important to them than collecting things.

They expect authenticity in all aspects, also when traveling. It’s time for you to look at your hotel offer from a completely new perspective (remember that your competitors aren’t sleeping it over either!).

Agata Pielacha-Janiec
Revenue Specialist
Profitroom tips
Experiences Use storytelling on your website, in social media and in direct contacts with guests
Experiences Include unusual regional attractions in your offer
Experiences Own a blog and inform about your region and tourist attractions – it’s a few simple steps away from bookings at your property
#4 Trend


The current situation in the hotel industry makes investing in technology a must. Currently, the number of reservations is not as big a challenge as the quality of services and the number of staff who look after the guests are. It's the perfect time to automate many processes.

Jarka Alenova
Managing Director Czech and Slovak Republic, Revenue & Reputation Expert
Profitroom tips
Technology Use CRM - save time and take care of guests present in the hotel
Technology Think about what else technology can do for you and implement it
Technology Take care of employees - give them the opportunity to use modern tools and support them every day
#5 Trend


87% of tourists* want to stay in environmentally friendly places. This is a priority especially among millennials** (people born in the 1980s and 1990s ).

Use this trend to acquire reservations and a higher yield, by showing guests that you care about environmental protection.

Samantha Williams
Global Partnerships Manager
Profitroom tips
Ecological Make it possible to opt-out from having the room cleaned daily; use environmentally friendly cleaning products
Ecological Replace cosmetics in plastic containers with those in glass bottles or reusable dispensers
Ecological Install presence detectors in the rooms (to control lighting etc.)
Ecological Include vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu
#6 Trend

Authenticity and aesthetics

Authenticity means trust and faith in the truth of intention and emotion. Currently users, partly because of the popularity of Instagram, find to the aesthetics of photos more important and have become more demanding as recipients.

So try to combine the quality of the photos with authentic emotions. It's a huge challenge, but restaurants have been doing it for a long time.

Monika Jurga
Senior Web Designer
Profitroom tips
Authenticity and aesthetics Set up a cooperation with a professional photographer
Authenticity and aesthetics For larger events, focus on a professional, ethereal photo shoot that will show the emotions of the participants
Authenticity and aesthetics Make sure that the photographer captures natural and positive interactions between your guests and the facility's employees
Authenticity and aesthetics Think about photo sessions throughout the year, showing hotel employees and guests in their natural and typical surrounding
#7 Trend

More interactions

The site is no longer just an aesthetic billboard encouraging visitors to book rooms, it has become an area of exploration. Photos which appear when you hover over text, animated cursors, virtual walks of the highest quality, original interactive illustrations, videos that can be played when you scroll ... - these are just a few examples.

If you want a potential guest to stay on the website, you must offer an online journey full of surprises.

Monika Jurga
Senior Web Designer
Profitroom tips
More interactions Try to find out if your website could stand out from your competition thanks to some unusual visual concept
More interactions Be open to new technological solutions
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